Professional Macintosh Expert
(Your Private Mac Genius)
For rapid response to software problems,
hardware solutions and internet troubles
with 99% accuracy

  • Graduate Electrical Engineer (BSEE from NYIT)

  • Teaching, Consulting and Technical Advisor to Long Island’s largest Macintosh Users Group (LIMac) since September 1984

  • Set up his professional full time consulting organization in 1993, now serving over 550 small and medium-sized clients

  • Comprehensive knowledge of most Macintosh applications, hardware including scanners, printers, routers etc.

  • Installs new Macintosh computers and upgrades/optimizes Macs from the 1990’s to date

  • Arranges for comprehensive client Internet assistance, web browsing, plug-ins, E-Mail filtering, file sharing, advanced Google search techniques

  • Assists client in shopping on-line and in-person for the right Macintosh hardware and software without retail bias.

  • Handles emergency deadline service with free 15 minute over-the-phone consultation. This can be supplanted with remote access via iChat/Messages (AIM screenname BradMacPro) or TeamViewer.

  • Flexible on-site scheduling including weekends and evenings. Call 631-630-0048 to make an appointment.

  • Conversant with Apple’s latest iPhones, iPads and AppleTV

  • Assist clients switching from Windows to the Macintosh platform

  • Clients include: Doctors, architects, small graphic arts publishers, real estate agents, musicians, independent film makers, TV promo creators, recording studios, professional photographers, videographers, fine arts designers, packaging design, indoor displays and catalogs.

  • Quoted as a professional Macintosh expert in various publications including Newsday

Contact Bradley:
Call: 631-630-0048 cell: 516-983-3609 Short calls under 15 minutes are free; longer calls are billed from the beginning. Call to make an appointment for an on-site visit.
Email or FaceTime:

Onsite: $95 per hour with one hour minimum plus $20 travel expense. 15 minute intervals after the first hour.
15% discount for your first consultation. Volume discount available with 24 hour commitment. I've also helped many clients with their consumer electronics (HDTV, Blu-ray, VCR, receivers and speakers with custom remote controls)

Unedited Testimonials:
“What’s wrong with my Mac? Is it a mechanical, electronic, or software problem? In a personal setting, it’s frustrating. In a business situation, it can be disastrous. For more than 20 years in my business, I’ve relied on Bradley to help when we’ve had a Mac problem. He is a true professional, totally devoted to keeping up to the minute on Mac software and all revisions. Need new equipment? No one knows more about, “What works with what?” than Brad. Don’t waste valuable time with marginally trained technicians, call the Pro.” – BF

“I started working with Bradley about 15 years ago, and have never thought of using anybody else. I use very sophisticated programs and thanks to Bradley, have always been on the cutting edge. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and has efficiently solved every problem that’s ever come up.” – GB Director/Producer

”Bradley Dichter has been setting up my Macs through ever-new generations since 1986, with astonishing expertise, reliability and good-humored patience. The Mac trouble-shooter par excellence, he has also come up repeatedly with effective solutions to whatever problems that crop up, calmly resolving even the most hair-raising of computer emergencies. He is, without a doubt, the premier [Macintosh/Apple Computer] consultant [on Long Island]. I wouldn’t let anyone else get near my Mac.” – JN Lecturer, author, curator

“If you want to get the very best value for your “Mac dollar repairs”. Don’t waste you time and aggravation checking your local coupon mailer. Go straight to Bradley Dichter. Don’t be fooled at the initial number. Just consider how you can stretch that dollar, besides you’re getting Quality! The fastest, most accurate Macintosh diagnostician anywhere and we have him right here on LI. Aren’t we lucky? You get a 24 hour hot line that answers or returns calls within an hour, a shopping maven, and top notch service with a smile.” – RB

“I just want to say that I have had NO ONE touch my computer except Bradley and wouldn’t think of letting anyone else touch it EVER!!! Not only does Bradley help when he is with you, he helps fix problems via phone. I believe Bradley could walk on water he is so incredible. Thanks Bradley.” – Bunny

“Here’s a guy who, for over 10 years, has been solving my company’s Mac problems – big and small. Always helpful, always available, there’s no doubt in my mind that there’s not a better ‘guru’ out there.” – JF

“Bradley is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever known. Some one once said “If you can understand what is going on here, you really don’t understand the situation!” The depth and knowledge he has especially when it comes to Macintosh computers is astonishing. He has an engineering background and that only deepens the breath of understanding of very complex problems. I have known Bradley since the first Mac came out in 1984 and I have never known him to be wrong. Anytime I think of buying some new hardware I always consult with him first. Knowing him is like having access to Einstein just a phone call away. I have recommended him many times and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.” – DVH Webmaster for NYFD.COM

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